Friday, October 13, 2017

#8 - The Monster of Grammont by George Goodchild (1930)

About this edition: This is one of five titles released simultaneously in a Christmas boxed set. These are the only five titles appearing in the green cloth binding.


About the author: Here is a Wikipedia article and a Goodreads article about George Goodchild (1888-1969).


  • Ralph Wallace
  • Julian "Connie" Conrad - war veteran
  • Monsieur Fallières - owner of Château Grammont
  • Yolande Fallières - his daughter
  • Monsieur Severin - servant at Château Grammont
  • Arnard Fouchard - of the police
  • Heinrich
  • Niels

Locale: France

Synopsis: Ralph Wallace and Connie Conrad are touring France and encounter Monsieur Fallières and his daughter Yolande, who own the massive Château Grammont; where Connie was billeted during the war.

It turns out the château is also home of a 'monster' who appears periodically, breaking mirrors, and is suspected in the death of a servant a year ago. Monsieur Fallières goes missing, then is found murdered, soom the servant Monsieur Severin is murdered also.

Meanwhile, young Ralph Wallace is attracted to Yolande, while Connie is interested in parlour maid Bertha - who has a couple of seedy associates, Heinrich and Niels, whom she secretly allows access to the house. Both they - and the 'monster' - are after something, but what?

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